Adminstration of Clariion with VMWare… Getting easier

So, EMC released the NFS plugin for VMWare to support storage administration tasks on Celerra from the VI Client a while back, which was very cool and had some very impressive features..    but what about the Traditional SAN man ?! 

Well, yesterday EMC announced a VMWare plugin for Clariion.. 

Product Overview

The EMC CLARiiON Plug-in for VMware simplifies storage administration between the VMware Virtual Center Server and CLARiiON storage systems. It offers end-to-end management of storage related tasks including provisioning of datastores, provisioning of raw device mapping (RDM) devices, and array-based virtual machine replication.

New Feature Summary 

The EMC CLARiiON Plug-in for VMware allows you to perform the following specific tasks directly from the VMware vSphere client:

  • You can provision new datastores (VMFS volumes) or raw device mapping (RDM) volumes
  • Delete existing datastores backed by CLARiiON CX4 storage
  • Creation of virtual machine replicas using array-based replication services
  • The plug-in also gives you the option to publish the replicated virtual machines to a View Manager.


·       EMC CLARiiON Plug-in for VMware is customer-installable.

·       EMC CLARiiON Plug-in for VMware requires CX4 storage systems running Release 29 FLARE.

 Thats all I have at the minute, but will be picking the brain of the EMC bods as I go to get some more info.

Very usefull feature though !!


About interestingevan

I work as a Technical Architect for a Storage and Virtualisation distributor in the UK called Magirus. The goal of this blog is simply to be a resource for people the want to learn about or go and Sell storage. I'm a qualified EMC Clariion Technical architect, Commvault Engineer and Cisco Unified computing specialist. I have also worked with the rest of the EMC portfolio for a good few years. This Blog will provide information on how specific technologies work, what questions need to be asked in order to spec certain products, competative info and my two pence on some of these technologies. Please feel free to provide feedback as to the content on this blog and some bits you'd like to see. View all posts by interestingevan

7 responses to “Adminstration of Clariion with VMWare… Getting easier

    • interestingevan

      All it will cost you is the time it takes to log onto Powerlink, download it and install it. Will only work on Clariion CX4 as it required FLARE 29.

  • Joean Sian

    Does it work with CLARiiON running FLARE 30 with management port set to 2162/2163?

    I doubt the test done by my colleague that it can only work with 80/443.

    • interestingevan

      Hi Joean,

      As long as you have network visibility of the management IP addresses of the Clariion from Vcenter this shouldn’t be an issue. Easiest way to test would be to install the plugin on your VI Client which you access VCenter with and go into the plugin settings to add the clariion device. When you specify the management IP addess (s) for the Clariion in the Plugin, it should tell you whether there is an issue. Then providing it adds the Clariion just create a test LUN by right clicking at the datacenter level in your hosts and clusters screen, going to the EMC Unified Storage plugin menu and the provision storage screan. Once in there, you specify you want to provision block storage and the IP address of the Clariion (in a dropdown), the next screen should give you all the configured RAID groups on the Clariion.. at that point, your pretty safe.

      • Joean Sian

        I’ve tried append :2163 to the ip address, but still fail to add Clariion to vCenter.
        If Clariion configured to use 443, then vCenter would able to add Clariion.
        Any idea?

        (I hate if VMware don’t know what Clariion options are… EMC is their parent!!!)

      • interestingevan

        Sorry Joean, I checked with EMC and it appears only port 443 is currently supported.

      • interestingevan

        FYI – EMC Engineering have noted the issue and hopefully this should be changed for the next release.

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