Got Email Xtender ? Want SourceOne ? How do I move my mails ?

EMC released SourceOne some time ago as a replacement for Email Xtender and took a view to a co-existence model for existing Mail Xtender estates. What does this mean ? It means the email extender archive stays in place and SourceOne simply reads from that archive for searching and shortcut resolution… Grand !!  but that means you still need to keep EX running until retention runs its course on its archived mails. So..   EMC in conjunction with a company called Transvault have now developed a tool to actually migrate mails from EX to SourceOne.. much better !

It’s a bit new, so you won’t see it just yet. But ultimately it will be a service delivered by EMC only.

Watch this space anywho..    more on the way.

Transvault also offer mail archive migration services for a number of other Mail Archive products. So if you have an archive solution and you don’t like it..   don’t just lump it,  there are ways and means..


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