More on the Commvault Cloud Connector

Following my previous post on Commvault catching the cloud bug. Here’s a bit more information on the ins and outs of the Commvault Cloud Connector.

Firstly.. how much does it cost ?  heres the good news.. its free !!  you use it in conjunction with standard disk licences or CDSO licences. Typically people are using this option for auxillary (secondary or tertiary copies) of data. If you have existing backup to disk licences, you simply need to upgrade to service pack 4 of Simpana 8 and download the March 2010 update pack, the connector is in there. The only difference in setting up the maglib for cloud storage is that you have to input the username and password provided by your cloud storage provided by the cloud storage provider. Currently this only supports Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azzure, although Commvault have a big sales event comming up soon, so we’ll see if the announce any other supported providers there.

Remember that if you are interested in backing up or archiving to the cloud you will still need standard disk or CDSO licences and if you want to do your primary backups to the cloud, you will still need a disk staging area locally if you want to use dedupe (advanced disk/CDSO) as deduplicaton will need to occur locally. Also if you want to run auxillary jobs of deduped backup jobs, you will need to implement silo storage to facilitate this.


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