Marketing FUD or… food ?

The storage industry has a reputation for being a touch dog eat dog and has its fair share of FUD flying around, this FUD isn’t limited to the array vendors, but also extends to SAN component manufacturers such as Qlogic. I’m staying impartial on this one, but had to post, as it did make me chuckle…     although, I’d imagine the chuckling has subsided somewhat in the Emulex camp now as Qlogic are taking them to court over the use of an egg to demonstrate the heat given out by a Qlogic CNA…  see for yourself..

see full story from the register here


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I work as a Technical Architect for a Storage and Virtualisation distributor in the UK called Magirus. The goal of this blog is simply to be a resource for people the want to learn about or go and Sell storage. I'm a qualified EMC Clariion Technical architect, Commvault Engineer and Cisco Unified computing specialist. I have also worked with the rest of the EMC portfolio for a good few years. This Blog will provide information on how specific technologies work, what questions need to be asked in order to spec certain products, competative info and my two pence on some of these technologies. Please feel free to provide feedback as to the content on this blog and some bits you'd like to see. View all posts by interestingevan

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