An Apple a day…. Could help EMC get back into the Mac space ?

Now, for the bulk of organisations (in the UK at least), the majority of business applications are hosted on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, HPUX and Solaris. EMC do very well with these organizations; they have extensive lists of supported operating systems with all their revisions and service pack releases to boot. For these organisations and resellers selling into them, life is good, interoperability is rife and big vendors such as EMC give them much love. But there is another world out there, one often overlooked by the likes of EMC…   A world of glorious white, multicoloured fruit and virus free environments..   I shall call this place  Mac land, often visited by the likes of graphics design, advertising and publishing companies.

Without a support statement in site involving the words Mac OSX for some years and the likes of Emulex and Qlogic not forthcoming with a resolution, the future was looking bleak for resellers wanting to sell EMC SAN storage into Mac user environments.  But wait !! a solution has presented itself!!  in the form of a company called ATTO technology..  much like saint nick delivering presents in the night..  these guys are sneaking Mac OSX support statements onto EMC interoperability support matrices. I heard no song and dance about this !? but I was pleased to see it none the less….

The supported range of FC HBA’s come in single port, dual port and quad port models (FC-41ES, FC-42ES, FC-44ES) and the iSCSI software initiator is downloadable from their website.

Supported with Mac OSX 10.5.5 through 10.5.10 on apple Xserve servers and Intel based Mac Pro Workstations attaching to EMC’s CX4 range only; rather than just providing basic support out of neccesity, there are a few bells and whistles. Multipathing is supported with ATTO’s own multipathing driver and integrates with ALUA on the Clariion, a number of Brocade, Cisco MDS and Qlogic Sanbox switches are supported (with the exception a few popular recent switches such as Brocade silkworm 300, 5100, 5300 switches and Qlogic SANBox 1404’s).  Also, ATTO have released an iSCSI software initiator for iSCSI connectivity to Clariion or Celerra which is also supported.

Just a brief disclaimer..   I’ve mentioned some specific support statements, that is not to say that EMC would not support the switches I mentioned aren’t currently listed, but you may have to jump through some hoops to get your solution supported if certain elements aren’t on standard support statements. I would recommend checking the relevant support statements from EMC if you are Mac users looking at EMC, just to make sure your bases are covered.

Take a look at the press release from ATTO Technologies here


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I work as a Technical Architect for a Storage and Virtualisation distributor in the UK called Magirus. The goal of this blog is simply to be a resource for people the want to learn about or go and Sell storage. I'm a qualified EMC Clariion Technical architect, Commvault Engineer and Cisco Unified computing specialist. I have also worked with the rest of the EMC portfolio for a good few years. This Blog will provide information on how specific technologies work, what questions need to be asked in order to spec certain products, competative info and my two pence on some of these technologies. Please feel free to provide feedback as to the content on this blog and some bits you'd like to see. View all posts by interestingevan

2 responses to “An Apple a day…. Could help EMC get back into the Mac space ?

  • Joe Allen

    Brilliant! I have been waiting for a Tier-1 storage solution with Multipathing for the Mac for a long time! This will help me with so many things, the ATTO Multipathing looks like it will do the trick! Regards.

  • interestingevan

    Glad you found the post usefull. As I say, I would just make sure you pay close attention to EMC’s official support statements to ensure that you procure supported switches, use the right firmware revisions, etc… You can liaise with your reseller on this.

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