Commvault caught the cloud bug

In light of the fact that the storage community as a whole now has its head in the cloud, Commvault have decided to join the party. Commvault’s notorious claim to fame being that the same common  platform is used for backup, archive, ediscovery and replication. Commvault Simpana traditionally supports media such as disk or tape (as most backup vendors do), but they’ve now created a storage connector to support “cloud” storage as the backup media of choice. Commvault Simpana currently works with API sets from the likes of Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Intregration for EMC Atmos and Iron Mountain is soon to follow according to Commvaults press release.

Jeff Echols, CommVault’s director of cloud solutions says

The practical use of cloud storage for us is as an extension – a potential way to move unstructured data out of the data center. Simpana treats the cloud as just another tier of storage. Conceptually, it looks like another target.

Customers can take advantage of Simpana’s built-in features including data deduplication, encryption and eDiscovery in conjunction with the cloud as a “farline” tier of storage. Customers can also add Simpana Search to index data prior to sending it to a cloud provider.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Commvault, Please see the below document and video from Commvault.


For the full Commvault Press release regarding this Click here


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