The Long awaited….

A few new things comming out on EMC’s mid tier storage range to look out for.  One of which is very discreetly named Project Odin and will make the life of EMC Celerra users and resellers alike a touch easier. Its a management console to manage Celerra and its respective back end Clariion rather than having to jump into navisphere to manage the Clariion directly ! from what I gather its will run on any DART or FLARE OS and is pointed at the system to which it needs to manage via IP address, then the appropriate profile is loaded to reflect the functions relevant to said Clariion/Celerra..  about time !!   as I understand it, there will be an announcement in feb..  but it won’t be going GA for a little while. Watch this space !!


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I work as a Technical Architect for a Storage and Virtualisation distributor in the UK called Magirus. The goal of this blog is simply to be a resource for people the want to learn about or go and Sell storage. I'm a qualified EMC Clariion Technical architect, Commvault Engineer and Cisco Unified computing specialist. I have also worked with the rest of the EMC portfolio for a good few years. This Blog will provide information on how specific technologies work, what questions need to be asked in order to spec certain products, competative info and my two pence on some of these technologies. Please feel free to provide feedback as to the content on this blog and some bits you'd like to see. View all posts by interestingevan

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