Microsoft pocket pc ? no.. Iomega Pocket PC

So, EMC the acquisition monster is cross pollinating tech from some of its recent acquisitions and I have to say the result (all be it, not an enterprise product as such) is very cool. It’s called IOMEGA V.Clone and its an IOMEGA/VMWare hybrid. Think VMWare ACE meets Iomega’s eGo portable hard drives. Essentially, you plug it in to your primary PC, click capture and it creates a VM image of your PC (applications and all) on the portable drive.. you plug it in to a secondary PC, it loads a VMWare player’esque application and you run the image of your primary PC on whatever computer the drive is plugged into… very neat.

When changes are made on the image, you can sync these back to your primary PC, although sync is limited only to certain key folders such as My Documents and does not do a block for block sync of the drive, so I would not necessarily advise using it for personal DR and would still backup your stuff.

You can have multiple PC clones on the one drive which is very handy.. have your work PC, home PC and laptop on the one drive.

The v.clone is windows only.. so avid Mac users, linux boffs and the likes.. not for you !! 😛 You will need to be running a supported version of windows (Vista, Wiindows 7 or XP) and you will need admin access to the PC you launch your image on (so no trying blag free internet time at the library or local internet cafe!).

I thought it was pretty cool…

See the below video for more info from Iomega:


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6 responses to “Microsoft pocket pc ? no.. Iomega Pocket PC

  • Brettski101

    Very interesting, and very cool technology. We invested in a couple of Iomega NAS devices for use in the office, unfortunately this functionality is not available with ours.
    I would be keen to find out how much these bad boys cost, I assume you can have more than one PC image on the Iomega device.
    Good post Evan… Me likes

  • daemonchild

    Looks quite a lot like the MojoPac. ( This has been around in one form or another for about three years, although the latest version looks far superior to the one I played with a couple of years ago. The MojoPak works on any USB storage. The size of the storage dictates how much of your stuff you can take with you. As I saw a Sandisk 32GB USB flash drive for £22 yesterday (Misco) it’s not unreasonable to assume that you can take most of the important stuff in this way.

    The Iomega offering seems to be software, so I don’t see why it needs an Iomega USB drive to work. Unless they’re learning how to tie people in from EMC of course… I wonder if they have borrowed any technology from VMware? ACE has some very similar characteristics and the new version of View has an experimental offline mode. Is it worth getting hold of the software and doing a bake off between these three products?

  • interestingevan

    Hi Demonchild,

    The software is effectively VMWare workstation slimmed down, they’ve used that as the basis for coding of the software. You’re right, it’s pretty much mojopac, but with access to more capacity as the Iomega drives get pretty big (up to a couple of TB), plus you can have images of multiple machines, which I’m not so sure Mojopac does. Interestingly, neither of them seem to support Linux or Mac

  • daemonchild

    Let’s get hold of it to play with then! 🙂

  • interestingevan

    Spoke to Iomega. Goes GA in Feb, so lets do it..

  • Chia Blunk

    some genuinely fantastic posts on this web site , regards for contribution.

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